There are many people who suffer from some habits which are not controllable and snoring is one such habit. Snoring generally occurs during the night when people are in a subconscious state and are unable to control the voluntary muscles like they do when they are wake. An anti snoring mouthpiece is considered an effective and quick solution to the snoring problem that most people suffer from. These mouthpieces are also called Mandibular splints and they are quite effective in stopping the incidences of snoring in people. These anti snoring devices are worn in the mouth as are effectively used as one of the best treatments for snoring problems and various other serious medical conditions like sleep apnea.

Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

Reasons why People Snore?

When an individual sleeps on his or her back, gravity makes the jaw fall backwards naturally. This is a simple movement that reduces the space for proper flow of air in the throat. This causes the throat to get narrowed around the soft palate, the back of the tongue and the uvula. This reduced space compresses the air that is sucked in the diaphragm movement resulting in the air flowing faster through the soft tissues. In case the soft tissues are dangling or loose, they might also be susceptible to vibration which results in snoring conditions.

What is the Effectiveness of a Mouthpiece in Alleviating Snoring Conditions?

As per studies carried out in this field, anti snoring mouthpieces are considered to be 95% effective in alleviating snoring conditions in people. These devices avoid the jaw and the lower teeth from falling back which ultimately helps in reducing the airspace within the throat. Noise reduction in snoring conditions is generally the main benefit of using a dental appliance like this but it is not considered a 100% effective cure for snoring in people. These devices are useful only for the people who sleep with their mouths closed. The device will not work for people who sleep with their mouths open. It is also important for the two sets of teeth to be in line with other while a person sleeps for the effective working of the device. Individuals, who have this habit of sleeping with their mouths open and even snore at night, should consult a doctor for both the conditions. Doctors generally prescribe a specifically designed chinstrap along with an anti snoring device to such individuals. Both the devices together work towards reducing snoring and open mouth conditions while sleeping. It is also to be noted that the people who snore through their mouths do so due to the lack of air intake by way of the nose. Even this condition needs to be treated prior to using an anti snoring device.

Different Types of Anti Snoring Devices

There are basically two important categories of anti snoring devices and they are MAD or Mandibular Advancement Device and TSD or Tongue Stabilizing Device. The Mandibular Advancement Device looks very similar to the mouth guards used in common sports. These devices connect the lower and the upper jaws while holding the lower jaw forward during sleep. The Mandibular advancement devices are made in custom fabricated version or boil and bite version in dental laboratories. On the other hand the Tongue Stabilizing Devices gently suction an individual’s tongue forward for opening the airway while he or she sleeps.

Where to get Anti Snoring Mouthpieces?

Anti snoring mouthpieces can easily be bought from the dentists who generally look after the fitting procedure for the patient. These devices can also be availed online from different mouth guard stores. It is always important to get these devices fitted by a professional and experienced dentist because this ensures that the devices will work perfectly well. The patients of sleep apnea should always consult a specialist prior to using such devices. However, there are a lot of people who go for self-help because of cost and time requirements. It is always important to choose an anti snoring mouthpiece carefully and get it fitted properly as this can be effective in treating snoring conditions.